Wedding reportage.
Our style is a mix of fine-art photojournalism and editorial style photography. Our goal is being totally unobtrusive and almost invisible so that you and your family can feel relaxed throughout the entire day. Every wedding is special and tells a story, and our goal is to document events just as they happened. We do shoot some group photos if need be.

Sessions for couples.
Celebrate your relationship! We specialize in sessions for couples as well. Make sure that your special relationship gets the proper coverage: whether you are still before marriage or maybe you want to celebrate the first, tenth or twentieth anniversary since you said ‘yes’ to each other.

Family shots.
People change all the time and children grow very fast. Don’t let those special moments fade away. Family portraits shot on location are the best way to document your everyday life just as it really was.

Headshots are the most popular type of photography. And this is for a reason, as our face, our smile is what defines us.



Some basic but helpful questions and answers.

  1. Where do you work?
    We take photos all over the world and (as we are expereienced travellers) we have no problems with any destination. We are originally based in California.
  2. Do you provide prints or photo books?
    Our standard packages include only carefully picked and edited digital copies, but we also provide very good pricing on photo albums and prints.
  3. Do you use analogue cameras as well?
    As we are photography traditionalists, we like analogue photography and are fully equipped to shoot film, develop negatives and make prints. We use Hasselblad medium format cameras which are the top analogue cameras ever built. This is a special service so it needs discussing and booking in advance.
  4. When do I need to book my photo session?
    It is good to contact us as soon as possible. Some dates have to be booked a year in advance but there are some days which are readily available, especially weekdays. Please contact us with your specific enquiry and we will provide all the necessary information.
  5. Do you provide individual photography lessons and workshops?
    Yes we do. We love sharing the essence of photography and we believe that being surrounded by any kind of art is one of the most important things in life. If you would like to start a new life as a photographer, just get in touch and we will discuss the details.