We are a pair of photographers, married to each other and having two kids.

Photography has always been part of our lives and our experience comes from almost two decades of shooting. Apart from weddings, our favorite photography themes are portraits, street photography and all sort of candid shots, but also landscapes and fine art nudes. We also cultivate the wonderful tradition of analogue photography- a rare, difficult but higly rewarding practice. Whenever possible we work together, which is pleasant for us but also very good for the client: two different points of view are better than one.

For us, weddings represent a special kind of assignment, one which needs special attention, speed and skills. It is all about capturing the moment… The right moment.

Apart from photography, there are other activities which are the essence of our lives: family time, travelling, art, healthy living and sports. We believe that spending time together is the most important thing you can give to your loved ones.